Batangas native shines in US fashion scene

Designer RC Caylan Talks Dressing For The Holidays


Hand Crafted. Modern. Sophisticated. Allow us to introduce you to RC Caylan, an emerging high end fashion designer in Grand Rapids. RC Caylan Atelier’s intricate designs have graced the pages of Vogue magazine and walked the runways of Detroit, San Diego, San Francisco, and Rome. Caylan’s inspiration came from his grandmother, who was a seamstress for school teacher uniforms. A dream that started in his kitchen, is now located in the heart of Downtown Grand Rapids on Monroe Center, his personal atelier (a designer’s workroom or studio in French). Read the rest of the article by Kherington McFarland here. 

Grand Rapids Magazine

Fashion designer RC Caylan has a bold vision: he wants to turn Grand Rapids into a city known for fashion.  After participating in fashion shows in Rome, San Francisco, and Detroit, Caylan is creating his first fashion show event in Grand Rapids, which he hopes will serve as a template for future fashion events.  Read the rest of the article here.


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