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Hand Crafted Bridal Gowns

Picking out your wedding dress is an intimate experience. With that in mind, RC opened his beautiful studio in the heart of downtown Grand Rapids, where he can meet personally and comfortably with brides. Whether it be a custom dress or a style from his collection, every wedding dress is hand crafted on site, where RC oversees the production. At RC Caylan Atelier, modern, sophisticated wedding gowns set a new standard of elegance, with a silhouette to compliment every style of bride.

Hand made evening gowns
for when you need to feel runway ready.

— the established fashion designer who crafts trendy creations for both men and women inspired by modern and classic aesthetics blended with functionality.

The Man Behind the Fashion - RC Caylan

At the age of 9, RC Caylan grew up surrounded with pattern papers, scissors, markers and a sewing machine, being a charming grandson of a schoolteacher-uniform seamstress. Inspired by the noble career of his grandmother and mother, he grew up with the ambition of becoming a wardrobe designer one day. And to help finance his dream of becoming a full-fledged fashion designer, he once grabbed the opportunity to work as a cosmetologist. It eventually paid off, making him one of the most respected professionals in that field. After a couple of years of hard work and full dedication, RC finally achieved what he’s been dreaming of all his life – to finish a fashion designing degree at the GRCC School of Fashion And Interior Design.

Inspired by the female physique and glamour, RC Caylan’s works put more emphasis on women’s fashion. Being very sensitive to his female clientele’s wardrobe desires and needs, producing a masterpiece on each project is RC Caylan’s constant objective.




Current Couture

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